Have your birth certificate translated - an important step for binational partners

Geburtsurkunde beglaubigt übersetzen lassen - Ein wichtiger Schritt für binationale Partner
Immigrating, studying abroad, marrying a partner from another country - there are many reasons why you might need a certified translation of your birth certificate. For such international affairs, a correct and authentic translation is essential. But how does the process of a certified translation of a birth certificate work?

Step 1: Find the right translation agency

The first step is to find a suitable translation agency that has experience in certified translations. This can be done online, by word of mouth or contacts with counseling centers for migration or international studies. It is important to ensure that the translation agency employs qualified and sworn translators who are licensed to provide sworn translation of documents.

Step 2: Collect documents

Once the right translation agency has been found, all the necessary documents need to be collected. In this case it is the original birth certificate. If available, a certified copy of the birth certificate should also be attached.

Step 3: Creation of a certified translation

The translation agency will then provide a certified translation of the birth certificate. The content of the original document is translated into the target language and certified by a qualified translator. The certification confirms the authenticity of the translation as well as the qualification and identity of the translator. This gives the translation legal validity in international affairs.

Step 4: Get a certified translation

Once the verification is complete, the certified translation of the birth certificate will be returned to the client. This can now be used for international purposes, whether for a visa application, recognition of educational qualifications abroad or for marrying a foreign citizen.

It is important to note that the duration of the entire process may vary depending on the translation agency and country. It is recommended to start applying for the certified translation early to avoid possible delays.

The certified translation of a birth certificate ensures that important information is correct and understandable and also internationally recognised. By working with a reputable translation agency, you can ensure that this process runs smoothly and professionally.
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