Getting married abroad: Germans need these documents to get married

Heiraten im Ausland: Diese Dokumente benötigen Deutsche für die Eheschließung

A wedding abroad has a very special charm for many couples. Whether on the beach, in a romantic chapel or in an exotic location - the possibilities are manifold. But before that happens, you should find out about the legal aspects and have the necessary documents ready for a marriage abroad.

  1. Valid passport:

The first step towards getting married abroad is to check the validity of your passport. This should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of the intended marriage. If this is not the case, you should apply for a new passport in good time.

  1. Certificate of Singleness:

Many countries require German citizens to provide a so-called "marriage certificate" or "single certificate". This document certifies that one is legally competent to enter into marriage and is not currently married. In Germany, this certificate is issued by the competent registry office. Certain documents such as birth certificate, registration certificate and a valid identity card must be presented.

  1. Translations and certifications:

In some countries, the documents are only recognized if they have been translated into the relevant national language and/or notarized. It is advisable to use an officially recognized translation agency or a sworn translator for this. The certification can be carried out by the competent authority, for example the registry office or a notary.

  1. Marriage Eligibility Certificate:

In addition to the certificate of unmarriage, in some countries it may also be necessary to present a certificate of uneligibility to marry. This documents that you meet the requirements for marriage under German law. The marriage certificate is also issued by the competent registry office and requires translation and certification.

  1. Other documents:

Depending on the country, additional documents such as a birth certificate, registration certificate, identity card or passport may be required. It is advisable to check the exact requirements with the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.


A wedding abroad can be a wonderful and unique experience. However, in order to ensure that the marriage is legal, it is important to obtain the necessary documents in advance and, if necessary, have them translated and notarized. Early planning and communication with the relevant authorities as well as advice from an experienced wedding planner can help to minimize the bureaucratic effort and make the dream of an unforgettable wedding abroad come true.

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