Marry in Germany

Heiraten in Deutschland

Which documents do international partners need for a marriage in Germany?

Marriage is a special step in life that should be well prepared. When two people of different nationalities want to tie the knot in Germany, certain documents are required to make the marriage possible. This article lists the most important documents foreigners need to get married in Germany to make the process as smooth as possible.


  1. Birth Certificate : A current and certified copy of the birth certificate is essential. It serves as proof of the age and identity of the person willing to marry.


  1. Certificate of Unmarried Status: This documentation confirms that the future spouse is free and unmarried. Depending on your home country, the type and form of the certificate may vary. However, this document should usually be legalized by the relevant authority in the country of origin and provided with an apostille.


  1. Residence certificate : A foreign spouse must prove that he/she has legal residence in Germany. The certificate of residence is issued by the local immigration office or the relevant immigration office and should be up to date.


  1. Citizenship Card : Foreigners should also present their current citizenship certificate to confirm their nationality.



  1. Passport or ID card copy : A copy of the passport or ID card is required to verify the identity of the couple.


  1. Divorce Decree or Death Certificate : If either spouse was previously married, a final divorce decree or death certificate from the former spouse must be provided.


It is important to note that the documents mentioned may differ depending on the country of origin. It is advisable to contact the registry office or embassy of the country of origin for specific requirements. In addition, the documents should be available in the local language and in German. Careful preparation and collecting these documents early will help make the process of getting married in Germany smooth and efficient.

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