How much does a certified translation cost?

Was kostet eine beglaubigte Übersetzung?

This is how the costs for your certified translation are made up.

The costs for a certified translation are made up of several factors. Often one only thinks about it when one actually needs such a translation. One may be surprised why the prices are so high and why there are differences for different documents. There are several reasons for this:

First, certified translations must be made by sworn translators. These translators have special qualifications and are legally authorized to provide certified translations. Of course, this expertise has its price.

Second, the language combination plays a role. Some languages ​​are rarer and there are fewer qualified translators on the market, which can result in higher costs. Also, some languages ​​can be more difficult to translate, which can also affect the price.

Third, the document type is an important factor. Some documents require more effort and special knowledge, for example technical documents or legal texts. This requires a higher level of expertise on the part of the translator, which can affect the price.

Finally, the size of the document or text matters. The longer and more extensive the translation, the more time and effort the translator has to invest, which also affects the price.

Certification – only from sworn translators

A certified translation which is done by sworn translators exclusively, is the most important quality feature that distinguishes it from other professional translations. The confirmation of its authenticity is important for most offices and authorities to accept the translation. Only translators who have undergone a state examination and have been sworn in by a regional court, higher regional court or an interior authority are allowed to create certified translations. This certified translation bears a stamp and signature of the authorized translator.

Fixed prices for standard documents

Standardization of official documents is a common phenomenon, maintaining certain patterns and formats. Although format and content may vary from country to country, some elements are recurring. Examples of this are the structure of a German identity card, an English driver's license or a Spanish birth certificate. As a rule, personal identification documents, certificates and (tabular) certificates are categorized as standard documents. We offer certified translations for these documents at a fixed price. The prices for the translation are determined based on the usual amount of text in the original.

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