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Certified translation

Certified translation of your testimonial

Certified translation of your testimonial

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Order a certified translation of your testimonial and have it in your hands in 5 - 6 working days!

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Have your testimonial translated

If you are planning an international career and need your testimonial in another language, you have come to the right place. Our experienced and sworn translators are ready to translate your certificates precisely and professionally and to provide them with official certification. With our high-quality translations, you can rest assured that your documents will be accepted worldwide. Whether you are preparing for professional development, studying abroad or immigrating, we offer the solution to pave the way for your future.

Our service is characterized not only by excellent translation skills, but also by fast delivery times and high reliability. As soon as you send us your order, we will immediately forward it to our sworn translators, who have the necessary expertise to translate your testimonial accurately. Each translation is carefully certified and given an official stamp and signature to ensure its authenticity and validity. You will receive your certified translation as soon as possible both as a digital PDF file by e-mail and as a printed hard copy at your postal address. Trust our commitment to excellence as we help you break the language barrier and achieve your goals.

This is how quickly and easily you will receive a certified translation of your testimonial:

1: Upload your testimonial and select the desired language

To upload your testimonial to this page, I recommend you save it as a high-resolution PDF or an easy-to-read JPG or PNG file format. If you have not yet scanned the testimonial, you can take photos of all pages with your smartphone or tablet during the ordering process. Just open this page on your mobile device. Once you've fully uploaded or photographed the document, select the source language and desired target language, and you're almost done.

2: Add order to cart

Put your order in the shopping cart. There you also have the option of adding further translation jobs for your documents from our shop. As soon as you have all the items you need in your shopping cart, simply select your preferred payment method (such as PayPal or credit card), enter your contact details and send off your order.

3: Get a certified translation of your testimonial

At this point we take over. Our sworn translators will immediately start working on it. They have the necessary expertise to translate your testimonial and provide the translation with an official certification, including a stamp and signature. The translated version of your certificate will then be sent to your email address as a PDF file as soon as possible and also sent to your postal address as a hard copy.